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My algebraic geometry course

The union of two affine algebraic sets is an affine algebraic set. Continue reading

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Prove a theorem. Write a function.

New maths PhD students Lambert A’Campo and Ashvni Narayanan have proved that a normed real vector space with compact unit ball is finite-dimensional in Lean! [update added a few days later: ROFL Sébastien Gouëzel on the Lean chat complained that … Continue reading

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Lean does not (yet) have real manifolds.

Lean does not yet have real manifolds, but there has been recent progress. Continue reading

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Lean in LaTeX

Patrick Massot wrote a formatter, which can turn Lean code into beautiful LaTeXxy html. The undergraduates and I have been formalising Imperial’s first real analysis course M1P1 in Lean. Put them together and you get a 21st century proof of … Continue reading

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Maths undergraduate example sheets

I’m teaching a course called M1F this term — the basic “introduction to proof” course which all first year maths (and joint maths/computing) students have to take at Imperial College London. The course is supposed to be managed via our … Continue reading

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What is the Xena Project?

Note (added June 2019); this (below) is an old blog post from 2018. You should really read the updated one here but I’ve left this original one just to preserve history. The current aims and ambitions of the Xena Project … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Xena!

It was a year ago today that I emailed Inkeri Hibbins, a wonderful administrator at Imperial College London, and asked her if she could email all the Imperial maths and joint maths/computing undergraduates and tell them about my new Thursday … Continue reading

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Sessions moved to Mondays in weeks 7 and 8

I can’t make Thursday 16th or Thursday 23th November, so the Imperial sessions for those weeks will take place on Monday 13th and Monday 20th November. Sorry for the inconvenience. Kevin

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Note for Imperial undergraduates

The Xena project now has an internal site on blackboard, Imperial College’s VLE. You (Imperial maths and JMC UGs) should all be registered as being able to view it. Email me if you can’t access it. It (only) contains internal … Continue reading

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